About Us

Well… for starters, we’re not this guy:

Form over Function.  Process over Outcomes.  Controlling the controllable.  Losing over winning.  Haha just kidding – about the losing thing.  But seriously – ever notice how quickly medals sit on the shelf and collect dust?  We are a group of dedicated individuals who are on a quest to change youth sports to what it really should be:  WHO YOU BECOME IN THE PROCESS

We are obsessed with learning and improving and share our passion with every athlete that comes through our doors.  Winning is awesome.  It feels good.  It smells good.  It tastes good.  However, you can just play in an easier league and claim you are the best in the world!  So what does it really matter?  Those moments are fleeting.  Just like eating the most amazing steak ever… that food was GOOD.  Even for a few days later as you “forget to floss” just so you can savor those flaky meat pieces that fall out from between your teeth.  The joys of the human experience are not from pleasure to pleasure but from process to process.

We are grinders.  We are fighters.  We enjoy the mundane battle of everyday repetition – for it is through small things that people accomplish great things.  Inches added to inches becomes miles.

Welcome to the Utah Athletic Center

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