Current Tenants of UAC


Club V

UAC is home of Club V Volleyball, the largest volleyball club in Utah and the Rocky Mountain region. As standing 2015-2016 national champions, Club V Volleyball is a character-based female athlete program dedicated to training young women not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

The Four Core Club V Values Are:

  1. Family
  2. Growth Mindset
  3. Fierce
  4. Relentless

At Club V, the basic and fundamental belief is that volleyball is an opportunity to teach young athletes how to be successful in life. Whether that be goal setting, developing a work ethic, learning discipline, etc. Club V’s mission is to help athletes develop strong character traits which in return, will help them not only in volleyball but in all aspects of life.


MetaSport Futbol Club is a community-based club focused on the individual soccer player. MetaSport is committed to developing high-performing, healthy athletes and well-rounded people – and it is the first soccer club in Utah to encourage and offer multi-sport play during the winter season.

MetaSport operates under the guiding principal that above all else, it’s about the player. As a relatively small organization, MetaSport is better equipped to train each individual player. Due to it’s smaller size, MetaSport is able to offer the same programs, training opportunities and excellent coaches as larger clubs, but at a more direct and personal level.

At MetaSport, the goal is to spend 5-10 years with each player. Within that time, MetaSport strives to facilitate the development of each player and help them become a high-performing, healthy athlete as well as a well-rounded person.



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