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Empowering Young Women In Life And Athletic Excellence

The Female Power Program at UAC is a unique training program specifically geared towards female athletes. The program is run by our Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Annette Poulton. Annette is a Certified Strength and Conditionging Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has over 20 years of experience coaching female athlete.

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About Annette Poulton
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Annette was a collegiate double sport athlete, is a former college volleyball coach and also a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach. Annette has coached at Weber State University, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Utah and Westminster College. She has had the opportunity to train several collegiate athletes who have gone on to become professional athletes.

Annette is the mother of five children and has a passion for teaching and coaching young women. She believes in empowering young women to become the very best they can be – not only in sports but in all aspects of life.

“Training is what I know. The things I teach I do myself.” – Annette Poulton
Strength & Conditioning for Female Athletes

Strengthening and conditioning practices can aid female athletes in developing stronger sports performances and improving overall athleticism.

Strengthening and Conditioning Improves:
Competitive edge
Mental toughness

Playing sports can cause muscular imbalances, leaving athletes prone to injury. UAC’s Female Power Performance Program includes injury prevention, which can help prevent/reduce the incidence or severity of an injury.

UAC Injury Prevention Program Works To:
Strengthen ligaments, tendons, joints
Improve torso/core strength
Improve flexibility
Address muscular imbalances

At UAC, our goal is to keep the female athlete on the court or playing field and out of the doctor’s office.

Female Power Performance Program

The FP3 training philosophy is one of simplicity. Our goal is to use correct and safe training techniques to ensure that each female athlete safely progresses to become her best self.

8 Point Protocol
PREPARATION: Prepare The Mind To Train!
PLYOMETRIC/AGILITY DRILLS: Jumping/Footwork Training
JOINT STABILITY EXERCISES: Strengthening of Ligaments/Tendons/Joints
CORE: Core Training with Correct Progressions
TECHNIQUE: Core Weight Lifting Exercises – Hang Clean, Squat, Bench, Deadlifts
WORKOUT: Circuit Training, Strength Phases, Power Phases
FP3 STRONG: Mental Toughness
FLEXIBILITY: Band Stretching

The Female Power Performance at UAC helps young women develop the following character traits:

Team Work
An “I can do it” Attitude